About us

The Museum für Gestaltung is Switzerland's leading design and visual communication museum. It forms part of the Art Museums of Switzerland: twelve world-class museums, that guarantee the enjoyment of art at the highest level.

The exhibition program
includes whatever is effective as "design". The main thematic areas are design, visual communication and architecture. Between five and seven temporary exhibitions annually as well as smaller presentations and interventions in and around the museum explain the way in which designed objects and images are dealt with, provide information about personalities in the field of design or about those areas of design that shape our everyday lives.

Every project
that is shown in the exhibition spaces at the location in the Toni-Areal, and, as of March 2018, at the original location on Ausstellungsstrasse, makes particular demands on exhibition design. Insightful and varied presentations lend the objects a voice. They are an indication of the reflective and yet enthusiastic way in which the medium "exhibition" is handled.
The location on Ausstellungsstrasse 60 is closed and, after being remodelled, will reopen as an exhibition space in its original form at the beginning of 2018.

The Museum Bellerive
is closed and was given back to the City of Zurich in February 2017. With the exhibition "Couleurs désert – Carpet Art from Morocco" the Museum für Gestaltung bid farewell to its villa on Lake Zurich. Beginning in May 2017, exhibition themes previously presented at the Museum Bellerive will be featured at the Museum für Gestaltung. Handing over the Museum Bellerive secures the permanent disposition of the new location in the Toni-Areal. The spatial consolidation, particularly of gathering the collections in the Schaudepot in the Toni-Areal, provides an ideal basis for the future development of the museum. In the years to come, the house Bellerive will accommodate the developing Zürcher Architekturzentrum ZAZ.

Collecting and preserving
form the core of all museum activity. In its visual archives the museum preserves objects of international importance: the Design Collection, the Graphics Collection, the Applied Art Collection and the Poster Collection are rich in milestones of technical and aesthetic development since the start of industrialisation.    
For the first time in its over 140-year history the Museum für Gestaltung presents its collections to the public in the Schaudepot. Daily tours on specific themes will offer insights into this collection of international importance.

Research and communication
complement each other: in the exhibition and publications, in series of lectures and seminars, tours, workshops, exhibitions talks and other events of the educational program. All these activities appeal to a broad public; the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is one of the most often-visited museums in Zurich.   

The publications
of the Museum für Gestaltung form an indispensable part of the exhibition program. Whether issued by the museum itself or in partnership with well-known publishers, they focus on  classics in the history of design, pioneers in the areas of theory and practice, as well as on current themes, standards, and experiments.

The museum shop
offers – in addition to books – exhibition posters, postcards and design objects. Classic and contemporary design objects make welcome gifts!