Weingart Typography

At Central Academy Fine Arts Museum (CAFA), Beijing in September 2017
At Tongji University College of Design & Innovation, Shanghai
in October 2017
t Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Guangzhou in December 2017

Wolfgang Weingart is regarded as the “enfant terrible” of modern Swiss typography. At an early stage he broke with the established rules: He freed letters from the shackles of the design grid, spaced, underlined or reshaped them and reorganized type-setting. Later he mounted halftone films to form collages, anticipating the digital sampling of the post-modern “New Wave”. As a typography teacher at the Basel School of Design Weingart shaped several generations of designers from 1968 onwards. They came from throughout the world and helped him achieve international recognition. Weingart’s experimental design approach and the connection between analog and digital techniques that he called for are topical again today. His life’s work is shown for the first time in Switzerland and juxtaposed with works produced through his teaching activity.

Research Project

All the exhibits come from the Museum’s own collections, as the designer donated a major part of his archive to the Museum. In the meantime this material has been electronically recorded and systematically analyzed as part of a research project ledy by the Institute for Cultural Studies of Zurich University of the Arts and supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Contact: Roman Aebersold, +41 43 446  67 03