Type in Motion

Whether it be on the computer screen, on television or in the cinema, the digitalisation of everyday life had meant that we are confronted everywhere with words, sentences, and even entire texts that move. With great inventiveness artists make use of many different kinds of appliances with dynamic typefaces. As a result they both expand and change our ways of reading the world. We react more attentively, on a small surface we receive a large amount of information—which is also constantly updated—or we are entertained in a surprising way. The rhythm of such texts is often adapted to the music or the sounds that we hear at the same time. Music videos, advertising spots and short films, trailers, eboards and media facades, digital postcards and logos from all around the world introduce us to the extensive universe of moving lettering. Through experiments with text that are presented as interactive installations the exhibition also ventures a look into the future.

Contact: Roman Aebersold, +41 43 446  67 03

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