Déjà Vu

The Poster Collection is one of the most comprehensive and important archives of this kind in the world. Over 330,000 pieces, of which 120 000 have been indexed, document the history of the poster, in Switzerland and internationally, from its beginnings in the mid-19th century down to the present day. The collection includes political, cultural and commercial posters. For reasons relating to the history of design the geographical focal points are Switzerland, Europe, Japan, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and the USA.
In addition to primary questions of graphic design and typography, the Collection also devotes particular attention to a socio-political understanding of design, as the poster reflects the aesthetic and social processes of its time in a special way. By regularly presenting exhibitions drawn from its rich resources each of which showcases a particular theme, the Poster Collection aims to present these great treasures to a broad public at home and abroad. Each exhibition is accompanied by a publication in the series “Poster Collection”.

Contact: Roman Aebersold, +41 43 446  67 03