Out of Sea?

Plastic – a material for eternity? Inexpensive, simple to produce and able to adopt almost any desired characteristics, since the start of the 20th century this mineral oil based material has proceeded in a triumphal march through the world of consumption. But what happens to a plastic product at the end of its lifecycle? Plastic is usually not biodegradable. Large numbers of plastic objects that have not been properly disposed of float through rivers and inland waters into the sea. From there they are swept onto the coastlines or circle around in vortexes where, over the course of years, they are ground down into small pieces. The effects of pollution by plastic garbage and its impact on living organisms have been the subject of numerous scientific studies, all of which agree: there is urgent need to take action. This exhibition aims to convey facts about the plastic pollution of our seas and rivers in a illustrative way, to examine important questions in this context, and to animate consumers of plastic goods to take action. The project will be accompanied by the website www.plasticgarbageproject.org and a varied educational program which documents the exhibition and is itself part of it.

Contact: Roman Aebersold, +41 43 446  67 03