Head to Head

Political Portraits

In our society politicians are ubiquitous. Image building, campaigns, election battles and presenting themselves – as well as demolishing their opponents – form an important part of political work. The manner in which politicians communicate with society varies enormously: depending on the particular historical context, the form of government and the cultural environment there is an unsuspected diversity in the way those in power present themselves. The exchange between politicians and the people is a one-way relationship, characterised by a complex split: while the aim is to reach broad sectors of the population and to win their support for a programme, a genuine exchange with the individual occurs only sporadically. The exhibition, which will be opened shortly before the American presidential election, illuminates historical roots, election campaigns that shaped epochs, influential figures, and the current state of political public relations work.

Contact: Roman Aebersold, roman.aebersold@zhdk.ch, +41 43 446  67 03