The Magic of Things

Product Posters

The Magic of Things explores an advertising strategy in the area of the product poster that today has largely outlived its usefulness: banal everyday things, presented as objects of desire, entice us to buy them. Free from any further kind of contextualization they acquire a sensual presence and magic aura. While at the start of the 20th century Ludwig Hohlwein, Lucian Bernhard or Adolphe Mouron Cassandre already recognized the effectiveness of blending product names and products, the product poster experienced its heyday in Switzerland in the 1940s in the works of Niklaus Stoecklin, Peter Birkhäuser or Otto Baumberger. Today the magical presentation of things is experiencing a certain kind of renaissance in the culture poster: it presents familiar objects in a manner that detaches them from the everyday world and reveals their esthetic qualities. Photographs of objects as well as advertising films from the era of the product poster augment the selection
of posters, revealing approaches to the advertising of a product that are partly parallel and partly the opposite of each other.

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