René Burri

A double Life

René Burri helped shape the history of photography in the 20th century. Many of his images, such as the cigar-smoking Che Guevara or the works on Le Corbusier, are known throughout the world. Burri meticulously archived all his photo-essays in the form of contact prints that allow us follow how the photographer approached his themes, subjects, and the people he portrayed – the stories behind the icons become visible. Parallel to his work in black and white, Burri also always worked in color and in this sense can be said to have led a kind of double life. His interest was never merely the photographic document as such – he always searched for a formal and aesthetically satisfying solution. Besides this, Burri also created non-commissioned works that reflect his delight in experimentation and his artistic ambitions. For his 80th birthday and to mark the comprehensive donation to its collections, the Museum pays homage to René Burri and with these works presents a largely unknown area of this great Swiss photographer’s creative oeuvre.

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