Bottling Seduction

02.12.2011 - 09.04.2012
Tue–Sun 10am–5pm
Museum Bellerive

Exquisite flacons, sophisticated packaging, suggestive advertising spots – perfume, the scent of seduction, is presented using all these means. Consequently it is not just the perfumes themselves that are masters in manipulating our senses but also their various forms of packaging. Whether they are flowery and fruity, powdery or sweet, these scents beguile our senses. Every fragrance creates its own atmosphere that requires an appropriately designed container. Special containers for fragrant essences were already made in pre-Christian times. Many of today’s perfumes bear the name of a Parisian haute couture house and their packaging must therefore reflect the fashion style of the particular brand. This exhibition shows perfume bottles along with their respective ensemble of packaging, advertising and perfume. Starting with the first glass containers of antiquity it presents objects by famous designers as well as rarely shown creations right down to the present day, and recounts stories about the containers of these volatile essences.