A New Hook

Re-thinking Needlework

29.04.2011 - 24.07.2011
Tue–Sun 10am–5pm
Museum Bellerive

The exhibition "A new hook. Rethinking Needlework" sets out to explore current responses to the notion of craft, in particular needlework, in order to examine its impact in the discourse of art, design, architecture and everyday life. The return of materiality and processes in contemporary art and design, rediscovering potential in both traditional and innovative materials and techniques, go hand in hand with the current protagonism of knitting and needlework. The public attention expands from glossy celebrity news to the realm of academic and museum discourses, from artistic statements to craft activism, where making things is understood as form of self-sufficience, political statement and community building.
The show brings together rellevant work from a national and international scene, keeping a balance between consolidated players and emerging talents. Pioneering works will be part of the selection, enriching the discourse around historical pieces, when exposed to new readings by home and guest curators. Fostering aspects of participation and interaction, the exhibition will comission site-specific work by guest artists and will also integrate internet platforms in order to involve virtual communities as well. A new Hook will create a stimulating discourse for a wider audience, challenging preconceptions and disseminating leading positions in a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary craft-based practices.

Participating artists and designers
Sandra Backlund (SE), Alice Bailly (CH), Jürg Benninger (CH), Isabel Berglund (DK), Josh Blackwell (US), Bless (DE/FR), Humberto y Fernando Campana (BR), Marlis Candinas (CH), Hussein Chalayan (CY), Susan Collis (UK), Demakersvan (NL), Irene Düring (CH), Angelo Filomeno (IT), Johan Fowelin (SE), frfr-international (CH), Dominique Eliane Girod (CH), Eugen Hasenfratz (CH), Petter Hellsing (SE), Seda Hepsev (TR), Theresa Honeywell (US), Hella Jongerius (NL), Bauke Knottnerus (NL), Kwangho Lee (KR), Reto Leibundgut (CH), Elena Leurini (NL), Anne Lorenz (CH/D), Christien Meindertsma (BE), Hikaru Miyakawa (JP), Janet Morton (CA), Laura Neuvonen (FI), Karen Norberg (US), Agata Olek (US), Tom Philipps (DE), Andrea Pritschow (DE), Pudelskern (AT), Mette Ramsgard Thomsen (DK), Freddie Robins (UK), Rüdiger Schlömer (DE/CH), Sebastian Schönheit (DE), Senior Design Factory (CH), Verena Sieber-Fuchs (CH), Liselotte Siegfried (CH), Annette Streyl (DE), Marion Strunk (CH), Sophie Taeuber-Arp (CH), Ficht Tanner (CH), Rosemarie Trockel (DE), Felieke van der Leest (NL/NO), Joana Vasconcelos (PT), Ionna Vautrin/Guillaume Delvigne (FR), Michela Vianello/Karim Rashid (IT), Sara Vidas (CH), Patricia Waller (DE), Marcel Wanders (NL), Alicja Wasielewska (PL), Megan Whitmarsh (US), Wiedemann/Mettler (CH), Anne Wilson (US)