Entry conditions

1. Entry conditions
The poster entered must have been designed by the participant themselves. Only one poster per participant is allowed. The competition team of the Museum für Gestaltung reserves the right to remove disqualified posters, which can be done at any time without comment. The data produced on the computer stations in the exhibition will be deleted irretrievably every evening.

2. Rights
By sending the email to  wettbwerb@museum-gestaltung.ch  participants accept the entry conditions.

By taking part in the competition participants declare that they agree to grant the right of use of their posters to the Museum für Gestaltung for the exhibition “Take a Holiday!”, for an unrestricted period and without receiving any financial compensation in return. In particular the Museum für Gestaltung has the right to make photographs, cards, videos, film and TV recordings of the objects free of charge, can use these to advertise the exhibition and for catalogues and in this context can pass them on to third parties (media).

The Museum für Gestaltung is entitled to use the personal data of the participants in connection with the exhibition. Only the first names and surnames of the winners will be published.

The winners will be notified in writing. A prize cannot be transferred, nor can the cash equivalent be paid. To take part in the competition a visit to the exhibition is not compulsory.
No correspondence about this poster competition will be conducted.