Staehelin and Hamburger

Museum Posters

25.08.2017 - 15.10.2017

In the entrance hall of the Toni-Areal a 140 m2 wall is reserved for Museum's presentations. 

The exhibition posters by Georg Staehelin and Jörg Hamburger translate complex exhibition contents into a purist, timelessly valid visual form. While Staehelin was for many years responsible for the presentation of the Museum für Gestaltung Basel in public space, from the 1960s onwards Hamburger’s posters announced the exhibitions of Zurich’s Kunstgewerbemuseum. They have in common a high level of precision and obsession with details and a design approach that continues the legacy of the “Swiss Style”. While Hamburger was more strongly tied to tradition, Staehelin’s experimental openness led to surprising formulations. Their mutual respect and exchange of ideas led to joint works which combine the laws of graphic design and creative design strength in the loveliest possible way. 

Hamburger – Staehelin, "Poster Collection" 29
Museum für Gestaltung (Ed.), Lars Müller Publishers, CHF 25,
Available at the museum's shop and eShop.

Exhibition Views