Film Implosion!

Experiments in Swiss Film

03.02.2017 - 09.04.2017
tue–sun 10am–5pm,
wed 10am–8pm
Pfingstweidstrasse 96

The richly varied area of experimental filmmaking in Switzerland abounds with surprises. With their experiments on film material itself, nonconformist documentaries, political or feminist works, fictional films, and video installations, numerous designers departed from the standard rules of filmmaking. In several cases for such people — among them Dieter Meier, Fredi M. Murer, or Pipilotti Rist — experimental film represented the start of a career that was later continued in other categories of film or art. The first wide-ranging exhibition about this little-known genre brings together various films and videos from the 1960s to the 1980s, which allow a journey in time through three decades of radical creativity. Together with posters and magazines from this period, they offer visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves
in a world of images and sounds.

A cooperation with the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film IPF of ZHdK, Section d’histoire et esthétique du cinéma of University Lausanne, Lucerne University of applied Sciences and Art and Fri Art Fribourg.

Thursday, 2 February 2017, 7 pm
Welcoming: Hartmut Wickert, director department of Performing Arts and Film, ZHdK
Introduction: Andres Janser, film researcher, curator of the exhibition

Guided Tours, Movie-Talks and Workshops
The educational program of the exhibition opens a dialogue by means of tours and movie-talks. It offers creative confrontations in workshops, in particular for adults and families.

Film Implosion! Experimental Cinema in Switzerland
Revolver Publishing, D/F, CHF 25
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