Building Worlds

15.07.2016 - 08.01.2017

Walk: Dimensions of a City
For adults and young people from the age of 16

New housing estates, extensions to museum buildings and the redesign of public space - generally we get our first impression of urban development from the perspective of the pedestrian. But how do these changes look within the mesh of the city as a whole? How does a city obtain an overview of itsown development space? We undertake a walk with the planning model of Zurich in which all buildings can be seen at a scale of 1:1000: from a bird's eye view we take a look at our familiar environment and at the future of the city in terms of building

With Sandra Bischler, art and design expert and member of the exhibition team

Friday, 4 November 2016, 2–5 pm

Costs: included in the admission fee.

Information and registration:
vermittlung@museum-gestaltung.ch, Phone +41 43 446 66 20