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Building Worlds

15.07.2016 - 08.01.2017

I build myself the kind of world I like (fully booked)
Project week for children from the age of 8 t o 12  

If they represent something that does not actually exist, models can invite us to dream. Models enable us to own things that we could not possible possess at their full scale. In our exhibition we show that models can do a lot of different things and in this holiday week we draw our inspiration from throughout the world of the model, from the peep box to the miniature railway. We obtain an overview of Zurich from an airy height and then build a special kind of model town through which we let model aircraft circle.

With Franziska Hess and Kyriaki-Ntomenika Chandra, cultural Mediators

Dates: monday – friday, 18 – 22 Juli 2016, 10 am – 4 pm
Presentation of the experiments:  22 July 2016, 4 pm

CHF 130 per person (for 5 days, incl. material)

Registration: Pro Juventute Ferienplausch

Information and registration:
Education coordination
vermittlung@museum-gestaltung.ch, phone  +41 43 446 67 07

In cooperation with Pro Juventute Ferienplausch