Exhibition Talks


22.04.2016 - 18.09.2016

Exhibition Talks (in German)
(included in the admission fee, no registration required)

Wednesday, 11 May, 6 pm
War, Images of the Enemy and Human Rights
with Conradin Wolf, philosopher and professor ZHdK

Wednesday 8 June, 6 pm
Boys, Weapons and Games
With Marco Bodmer, lawyer and expert on cyber culture, and Allan Guggenbühl, youth psychologist and expert on youth violence
Chaired by: Karin Gimmi, curator of the exhibition, and Franziska Mühlbacher, mediation curator

Wednesday 15 June, 6 pm
The Enemy has many different Faces
Exclusive look behind the scenes with Herlinde Koelbl

Wednesday, 31 August, 6 pm
War of Images
With Herlinde Koelbl and Lars Willumeit, social anthropologist and free-lance curator for photography