Building Worlds

Models for Designing, Collecting, Reflecting

15.07.2016 - 08.01.2017
Tue-Sun 10am-5pm,
Wed 10am-8pm
Schaudepot, Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstr. 96

Models are all-rounders. They make it possible for us to own things we could not otherwise possess. Here one thinks, for example, of the innumerable collections of faithfully made railway or motorcar models. But models are also indispensable in designing furniture or buildings, and they can give scientific ideas a form. Models make us think and they often also entice us to play. Some are aesthetically delightful and more fascinating than the reality to which they relate: they are generally smaller and easier to handle or exist only digitally. Moreover, if a model depicts reality with little detail, it embodies the essence of the thing. This exhibition presents the wide range of model worlds in design, science and leisure culture – and offers you a chance to build.

Thursday, 14 July, 7 pm
Opening together with "Herbert Leupin – Seduction, Wit and Poetry".

Guided Tours, Exhibition Talks, Workshops and more
The educational program of the exhibition opens a dialogue by means of tours . It offers creative confrontations in workshops, in particular for schools, families, adults, as well as in project days during vacation. In the exhibition visitors can look over the shoulder of a model-maker at work and see on a walk the city of Zurich from another perspective.

Exhibition Views