Animated Wonderworlds

Workshops for School Classes
We begin the workshops for school classes of different ages with a tour of the exhibition during which selected works are discussed. Then, using a simple stop-motion technique, the school pupils can work as designers themselves. The following workshops can be booked:

My Digital Self
For the 1st to 8th school year, vocational and secondary schools
Who has never dreamed of being somebody else and venturing into unfamiliar territory? Virtual surrogates in the form of images, figures or special characters offer us the opportunity to do this. Although we can control them they seem to develop a life of their own through digital networks. In the workshop we talk about animated figures in film and internet and reflect on what our own surrogates might look like.

Magical Spaces
For the 4th to 10th school year, vocational and secondary schools
Increasingly, we move around in Animation in Space and dedicated to the Body. Many of these are no longer confined to the screen – they animate theatre stages, university laboratories or entire facades of high-rise buildings. In the workshop, using our drawing pen and with the aid of the stop-motion technique, we animate real spaces and make them into magical places.

Animated Worlds of Words
For the 6th to 10th school year, vocational and secondary schools
How can we give a face to things that we perceive but cannot see? Animation can help us to form a picture of wind flows and weather phenomena or to make visible the meaning of incomprehensible terms. In this workshop we confront this challenge and draw the invisible. By means of stop-motion technique we enable it to take shape before our very eyes.

With Franziska Hess and Kyriaki-Ntomenika Chandra, Cultural Mediators and Franziska Mühlbacher, Curator Education

Dates: Every Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, 9.30 – 12 am or 1 – 4.30 pm
Further dates by arrangement.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Costs: CHF 150 per class and CHF 8 per person (reduced admission fees)
Admission for Swiss school classes (elementary level, high and secondary school) is free of charge. Please pay in cash at the ticket office.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:, Phone +41 (0)43 446 66 20