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Animated Wonderworlds

04.09.2015 - 10.01.2016

My “I” is lent Wings
Holiday project for children from the age of 8 to 12 (in German)

Do you already have a digital “me“? Someone who, as your surrogate, surfs through unusual pictures or, as a special figure, converses with others in chatrooms? In the exhibition “Animated Wonderworlds” in the Schaudepot everything revolves around digitally designed worlds and how they are linked with our everyday lives. Invent an exciting figure that is formed from various materials and build it a world of its own. As a player you take on the role of this figure and bring it to life. An adventurous voyage begins that offers unsuspected possibilities!

Monday – Friday, 5 – 9 October 2015, 9.30 am – 4 pm
Presentation: Friday, 9 October, 3 pm
Lunch: Please bring it with you

Costs: CHF 120, for 3 Days, incl. material

More information:
Franziska Mühlbacher,
franziska.muehlbacher@zhdk.ch, +41 43 446 6707,
www.kulturvermittlung-zh.ch, until 4.9.2015

In cooperation with Junges Schauspielhaus Zürich and COOL-TUR.