Post Scriptum

20.03.2015 - 31.05.2015

Post Scriptum – Postcards from the Exhibition
Open workshop inviting to experiment and make things ourselves

What happens with beer mats once they have fulfilled their primary function as somewhere to place a beer glass? By using recycled materials we transform them into postcards and we send them, as part of the exhibition “Do It Yourself Design”, outside the museum space. The technique reflects the aesthetics of self-production and even ventures so far as to make use of the museum's logo: We take posession of it and “hack” its graphical composition. By putting it together to create something new, in some cases, we might even achieve a completely different function from what was intended originally.

In the interest of sustainability materials and everyday objects meant for waste are employed, of the kind that anyone can use in the printing workshop at home.

With Sophie Grossmann and Sophia Cosby, students of ZHdK (Master Art Education)

Tuesday to Sunday, 7 April to 12 April 2015, during the museum opening hours.
No registration required. During educational events places in the open workshop are limited.

Voluntary contribution to material costs: CHF 2

If you have any questions, please contact:, Phone +41 43 446 66 20