Melchior Imboden

Designer Portraits

20.06.2014 - 10.08.2014
Tue-Sun 10am-5pm,
Wen 10am-8pm
Vestibül/Bibliotheksgang, Ausstellungsstr. 60

For more than 20 years graphic designer and photographer Melchior Imboden has been making portraits of his professional colleagues from all around the world. Imboden’s unique work consists of more than 600 portraits and represents a kind of Who’s Who of the international graphics and design scene. With his camera the inquisitive designer from Central Switzerland succeeds in capturing the personality of the designers and gives them a face above and beyond their work. The spontaneously made snapshots present an intimate and at the same time authentic picture of his opposite numbers, while also illustrating the openness of the dialogue between kindred spirits. The show is made up of 120 photographs from the last 16 years, which Imboden photographed analogously and developed manually on baryta paper.

Numerous works by the people portrayed are in the collections of the Museum für Gestaltung and can be seen in our eMuseum. The same applies to the photographs shown here.