The longest Poster Wall

From 21 April to 24 May 2012 the lakeside area along Zurich’s Utoquai is decorated with 100 posters – one for each of the past 100 years. With this historical selection of posters from the collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich the current exhibition “100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design” expands into the street, thus returning to the place where we encounter posters daily – public space.
Switzerland has produced numerous influential poster designers whose creative work is of international importance. This exhibition puts together 100 Swiss posters from the past 100 years. For each year from 1912 to the present one work from the areas of consumption, politics, culture or public service is shown. With these 100 poster reproductions particular historical and design-related focal points can be identified and illustrated using the relevant works. Posters are a transitory medium. They are pasted in place and hang in the street space for just a few weeks before disappearing behind a new layer of posters. The Zeitgeist as shaped in debates about design and typographical approaches is very rapidly reflected in the work of poster designers, as the commissions develop rapidly and are short-lived. The fact that the poster reflects the important and the trivial, serious concerns and lies, high-quality and banality with a maximum of momentary topicality make it an exceptional cultural document that can be read on a number of different levels.

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