The Same and Different

Series in the Poster

10.11.2011 - 27.11.2011

Opening with book launch
Thursday 10 November 2011, 6 pm, Plakatraum

The nature of posters makes them eminently suitable for production in series: the recognition value helps to enduringly convey a message; the client’s identity attains a stronger public presence; complex contents, which would overload a single poster, can be differentiated and expanded onto many.

Most series are characterized by variations on an initially determined vocabulary of images and forms—the differences lie in the complexity and sophistication. The more open and flexible the baseline conditions for a series are, the greater the design freedom and the more subtle the relationship between the individual works. The design quality of a series is measured both by the success of a single poster as a solitary piece and by the additional visual value created by its inclusion in the series.


In Series, «Poster Collection» 23
Essay by Fabian Wurm. Statements by the designers Emanuel Tschumi/Max Küng, Georg Staehelin, CYAN, Giorgio Pesce, Anette Lenz/Vincent Perrottet
Texts in English and German
16,5 x 24 cm, 96 Seiten, 203 Farbabbildungen
Lars Müller Publishers
36 CHF

Connected exhibition by Museum für Gestaltung Zürich/Poster Collection at the Poster Festival „Weltformat“ Lucerne, 5 – 13 November 2011,

Book launch “In Series”: Friday 11 November 2011, 6 pm, Rössligasse 12, 6005 Lucerne