The Art of the Cover

20 years of NZZ Folio title pages

10.08.2011 - 11.09.2011

Artist Max Grüter and photographer Patrick Rohner have designed every cover of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung’s monthly NZZ Folio magazine since its first issue appeared in August 1991. The series of 240 covers to date is a feat not only of unusual consistency but of unerringly high quality, too. The covers of this monthly publication, each of which is devoted to a specific theme, have one clear mission: to give the chosen theme a visual dimension. To do so, Grüter works closely with the editors developing ideas that capture the theme in metaphorical terms or offer an ironic counterpoint thereto. For Grüter, the cover page has always been more installation than illustration. The ideas may be increasingly developed on a computer screen; but it’s Grüter who creates the physical objects (or selects existing ones) and puts them in an appropriate setting for Patrick Rohner to provide the right lighting and commit them to image. The result: a series of covers that give the NZZ Folio its unmistakable visual identity, and a fine example of applied art at its best.