Federal Design Awards 2010

01.12.2010 - 20.02.2011

The design competition organized by the Bundesamt für Kultur (Federal Office of Culture) is one of the most important instruments of Swiss design promotion. The exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is showing the prize-winning works and gives insight into the creations of young Swiss designers in the fields of graphics, textile and fashion design, photography, industrial and product design, jewelry, ceramics and scenography. Design is not only seen from the points of view of aesthetics, form and technique but also with regard to the emotional message of the objects. The exhibition reveals forward-looking approaches as well as the ironical handling of traditions and the further development of classic models. For the first time it also presents the designers whose work is to be awarded the "Grand Prix Design" 2010. These personalities have made a significant contribution to the national and international recognition of Swiss design.

Eidgenössische Preise für Design, Prix féderaux de design, Swiss Federal Design Awards 2010, Bundesamt für Kultur (hg.), D/F/E, Verlag Birkhäuser, CHF 19.90