From Motion to Emotion?

24.06.2009 - 04.10.2009
Tue-Sun 10am-5pm,
Wen 10am-8pm
Galerie, Ausstellungsstr. 60

Robots are everywhere. The theme is as topical as it is explosive especially because of its pervasiveness in the media and the film industry. However, our knowledge and ideas about robots appear to be shaped by science fiction. On the one hand the exhibition looks at the relationship between reality and fiction today and on the other, is particularly concerned with the emotional effect of robots, which is generated by characteristics of form and functional capabilities. On show is everything that is to be understood under the term robots, what they look like, where they are used and what they should be able to accomplish in the future. This raises the question of why robots are accepted or rejected and what characteristics determine the relationship of people to machines. Around 200 exhibits are on show, ranging from historical automata to robots in the household, in industry, in medicine and in the military to toy robots. Many of the objects are interactive and are presented in motion.