Head to Head

Political Portraits

31.10.2008 - 22.02.2009

Head to Head - Political Portraits shows the communicative patterns that politicians - no matter whether they are currently in a campaign or long since in office - use to curry favor with the electorate. The exhibition offers insight into visual strategies for image making, gaining prestige, and demolishing opponents.

Four personalities from world politics - Lenin, Che Guevara, Yulia Tymoshenko, and Arnold Schwarzenegger - were selected to be presented in greater detail in this exhibition because of their iconographic significance.
In addition, several contributions from artists shed light on aspects of the political portrait that have never been seen in this way before. The paintings of the presidents of Zurich’s cantonal government are also being exhibited publicly for the first time, along with dozens of official portraits from heads of states from every continent that were made available especially for this project. The affirmative world of politicians is mirrored in biting satire and demolition.


"Poster Collection" 19, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, ed., Kopf an Kopf - Politikerporträts / Head to Head - Political Portraits, With an essay by Thomas Macho and contributions from Christian Brändle, Sabina Brändli, Bettina Richter, Nicolas Righetti, Ulrich Schmid, Francesco Vezzoli, and Klaus Waschik, G/E, 200 color illustrations, Lars Müller Publishers, CHF 46

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