25 Years Lars Müller Publishers

08.10.2008 - 19.10.2008

Lars Müller Publishers is celebrating its 25-year jubilee this year. The Swiss publishing house with a focus on themes of visual culture is renowned throughout the world for its meticulously edited and designed publications. From the first book about Die gute Form (1983) when still called LIT to the current programme, the conviction of the publishing house has always been to search out works and their creators who are of contemporary significance and pursue a steady aim. The main fields are design, architecture and art, but since the appearance of the book Das Bild der Menschenrechte (The Face of Human Rights) the publishing house also sees itself more and more as an instrument for commentaries and questions about the state of society which go beyond the visible. Lars Müller Publishers is connected to Museum für Gestaltung Zürich by long and fruitful cooperation which has produced a series of books and the Poster Collection series which have endured beyond the exhibitions as books in their own right.