On Time

23.05.2007 - 02.09.2007

Time is one of the last luxuries. Taking as a starting point the hypothesis that the time budget represents a key factor in design innovation, this exhibition examines the validity of this assertion where it begins to show its influence: in the design of instruments that measure time. The formal and functional diversity of the appliances that discipline the way we deal with time is surprising – from the wristwatch to the GPS, from the timetable to the mobile phone, from the contraceptive pill to the family planner or from the digital cuckoo clock to the handheld computer. The fundamental debate about timeless versus contemporary design is injected with new impulses. In the highly traditional “time industry” these impulses arrived remarkably late, but were all the more influential. This exhibition lays the emphasis on visually experienced phenomena at the interface of creativity, invention, production and the market. Together with a socio-theoretical input On Time opens up a direct approach, oriented on experience, to a topical theme and its significance in our everyday lives.


«Design Collection» 2, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (ed.), On Time, Verlag avedition, D/E, ISBN 978-3-89986-082-5, CHF 39.80