Simply Complex

Picture-Trees and Tree Pictures in Science

30.04.2005 - 04.09.2005

This is an exhibition built around trees, with their lucid structure of simple trunk and complex branches. Firstly, abstract concepts are translated into tree form and thus made easier to understand: the family tree presents historical information, and mathematical algorithms manifest themselves in fractal presentations. Then physical tree structures are made visible on a whole number of scales with the help of imaging technologies: from computer simulations of capillary ramifications to the cartography of the complex branching of river systems. Images enjoy a high standing in science. They aid understanding within the individual discipline and also in the dialogue with the public sometimes because they simplify complex phenomena. So images often make it possible for us to understand something. And they are aesthetic constructs as well: leaving out context or details makes for clarity, diagrams illustrate intellectual connections, cut-out images and colour design attract attention.
The exhibition is part of the Science et Cité Festival 2005.


einfach komplex, Bildbäume und Baumbilder in der Wissenschaft, Museum für Gestaltung / Barbara Bader, Andres Janser, Marius Kwint (Hg.), 72 Seiten, 2005, ISBN 978-3-907265-02-4, CHF 32.-