René Burri

15.10.2005 - 19.02.2006

René Burri, born in Zurich in 1933, is known world-wide as one of the most important photographers of our times. His portrait of Che Guevara smoking a cigar became an icon. Series of pictures of Picasso, Le Corbusier and Brazilian architecture have also made an international impact.

Burri trained at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich in the legendary photography class taught by Hans Finsler and Afred Willimann, and soon established his own creative cosmos, with a bandwidth extending from all photographic genres to film and collage. As a member of the Magnum Photos agency he has undertaken countless journeys to the scenes of world events. He has produced powerful pictorial reportages on historical events as well as everyday snapshots. Burri manages in his work to find pictorial metaphors for the state and conditions of our world.

This comprehensive retrospective is curated by René Burri and Hans-Michael Koetzle. It was produced through the Maison Européenne de la Photographie Paris and the Musée d’Elysée Lausanne, in co-operation with Magnum Photos.


"René Burri Fotografien", Phaidon Verlag, Berlin 2004.