True Light

19.06.2004 - 22.08.2004

What is it that so fascinates us with light? This exhibition focuses on how light effects our perception of objects and environments. The show explores the effect of light on glass objects, on fashion, on works of art. It examines the role lighting plays in the creation, and perception, of "the made world", its objects and spaces. Light is the common denominator in this exhibition, with works from a broad range of designers, including Philip Baldwin/Monica Guggisberg, Binia Bill, Hans Finsler, Lora Lamm, Koichi Satô and Hannes Wettstein. The diverse objects in the exhibition, with various materials, forms and functions from the antique to the most contemporary, all come from the extensive permanent collections of the Museum of Design Zurich. The show's installations are thematic: Shadow and Projection; Reflection and Absorption or Transparency, etc. In sum, the show is a multi-faceted look at the source of all vision: light.

Postcard series

«lichtecht», Museum of Design Zurich, with contributions from Cynthia Gavranic, Myrtha Steiner, Peter Stohler, Felix Studinka, Norbert Wild. Book design: Martin Woodtli.