Sport Design

13.11.2004 - 13.03.2005

The significance of sport in contemporary society is difficult to exaggerate, and it seems only to be growing. The public's interest, if not obsession, with fitness and the "sporty" life style feeds the vast sports wear and equipment industries and the purveyors of "wellness" as a form of recreation. The exhibition casts a curious eye on the broad spectrum of social, cultural and even technical phenomena associated with the strive for all things athletic, from the pursuits of the passive fan and the amateur to the media frenzy of professional athletics. The growth of the sports phenomenon in recent decades has produced many globally recognized corporate and product design milestones, many of which are also presented in the show. The notion of sport as physical activity for health and pleasure is contrasted with the media frenzy surrounding professional athletics, with its voracious appetite for more records, more spectacle and more financial return.


Sportdesign - zwischen Style und Engineering, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (ed), G, ISBN 978-3-907265-01-7