Lasislav Sutnar

Design in action

06.03.2004 - 02.05.2004

Ladislav Sutnar (1897 - 1976) was a true pioneer of the modern, but his work as a designer and graphic artist is little known to day. With his book designs, posters, exhibition designs, toys and even glass and porcelain dishes, Sutnar's work is a broad and substantial design legacy that, with its expressiveness and variety, will always find new "discoverers".

Sutnar, who emigrated to the USA in 1939, focused on the objects of everyday life and on what is now called information design. He sought to renew and refresh both of them and in so doing, established bench marks of design quality that are still largely valid. And he succeeded in transferring a qualitatively high design language to the wider pub-lic. The Museum of Design Zurich is the first venue on an extensive European tour for this comprehensive retrospective, assembled by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.