Out of print

Archive for Small Press & Communicate 1960-1980

01.03.2003 - 18.05.2003

"Out of Print" is an exhibition showing a representative cross-section from the "Archive for Small Press and Communication (ASPC)" compiled by the Belgian collector Guy Schraenen. An international selection of 800 items from about 35000 artists' books, mail art, posters, artists' magazines, multiples, records, videos etc. will be on display in Zurich. The ASPC was acquired by the Neues Museum Weserburg in Bremen in 1999, and forms the core of an artists' publications study centre there. The Zurich exhibition will also contain examples from the MfGZ Poster Collection. Artists' publications dating from the period between 1965 and 1978 show artists working vigorously on coming to terms with the social contexts of their day. The «reading room» in the exhibition offers the possibility of looking at documents and artists' books and consulting other material. Collecting as a process and content analysis were an essential element when the ASPC was set up; it is an archive that should be made accessible to future interested parties as well.


Guy Schraenen: out of print. An Archive as artistic concept. Archive for Small Press and Communication im Neuen Museum Weserburg Bremen. 2001. ISBN