Gottfried Semper (1803-1879)

Architecture and Science

01.11.2003 - 25.01.2004
Tue-Sun 10am-5pm,
Wen 10am-8pm
Halle, Ausstellungsstr. 60

Even his contemporaries celebrated Gottfried Semper as the «Michelangelo of the 19th century». His 200th birthday this year has prompted a major retrospective in the famous architect's honour. Like no other architect of his day, he combined a wide range of building activity with a major theoretical work. His magnum opus on architectural and cultural theory, «Der Stil in den technischen und tektonischen Künsten» became a key text for arts and crafts reform and architectural theory. The exhibition, planned in co-operation with the ETH Zurich's gta institute and the TU Munich's architecture museum, will be mounted by burkhalter sumi architects. The exhibition and the catalogue give a comprehensive view of the work created by Semper in his eventful life in Paris, Dresden, London, Zurich and Vienna. Semper designed pioneering buildings like the «Semperoper» in Dresden, the main ETH building in Zurich, the «Greek» town hall in Winterthur and monumental large-scale structures like the Kaiserforum in Vienna.