Experiments in Swiss Film

03.02.2017 - 09.04.2017
tue–sun 10am–5pm,
wed 10am–8pm
Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96

Workshop (in German)

Material movie workshop for adults and young people from the age of 16

We look at experimental films in the exhibition and undertake our own experimental attempts with the material film. From found footage we extract entire scenes or simple forms, which we piece together to create a structural film clip.

This workshop shows that these apparently strange, artistic films can be designed freely with simple means, directly on the emulsion of the 16mm film.

Guided by: Yolanda Ludwig, staff member of the art education facility and photographer
Saturday, 4 March, 2–4.30pm
Costs: CHF 25 per person (incl. admission)

Information and registration:, Phone +41 43 446 66 20
Deadline: Friday prior to event at 12 noon. Spontaneous are welcome, provided it still has availability.