The Design Collection is devoted to the design of twentieth-century mass-produced objects, and the philosophy they reflect. The focus is on a broad representation of Swiss design, juxtaposed with reference objects of international provenance. The collected objects include items by well-known designers and commonplace objects of anonymous design. The collection now boasts over 10,000 products and around 20,000 examples of packaging, and includes limited-run mass-produced objects augmented by prototypes and models. In addition to acquisitions and donations, the collection includes on permanent loan exemplars of product design, generously supported by the Swiss Confederation, Federal Office of Culture Bern since 1989. Parallel to the object collection, an archive of Swiss Design is being compiled to serve the needs of academic research work. Design drawings, user manuals, patent records, advertising materials, source texts, as well as parts of studio, company, and association archives form the basis of the documentation that extends far beyond the individual object.

The Design Collection is maintained by:
Renate Menzi, Collection Curator
Liana Bähler, Documentalist